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SolarGain are proud to be a HIES and MCS accredited solar panels installer; a symbol of quality, giving consumers confidence in committing to green technology

SolarGain offer premium solar energy systems

A solar system contributes positively to the environment and allows you to save money!


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SolarGain Accreditations

Vetted, accredited and insured – Brand Ambassador George Clarke 

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All electrical work undertaken by qualified and accredited electricians.

Government Endorsed Quality Licence 3042637

The Future Is Solar Energy

Solar panel installers play a crucial role in the growing popularity of solar energy. With advancing technology, solar panel installation is increasingly favoured for generating energy in various settings. These installers efficiently set up solar panels to harness sunlight for clean and sustainable energy. Technology improvements have simplified the process, making solar energy a practical choice. Skilled installers and technological progress are driving the widespread adoption of solar solutions, leading us to a greener future. Within the realm of solar panel solutions, SolarGain stands out as a premier provider in the UK, offering a variety of services tailored to optimise your solar energy investment.

Generate Your Own Solar Electricity

Depending on your energy needs you can choose from just solar panels for your roof or solar panels with solar batteries. Solar panels alone will provide you with the means to generate your own electricity but solar batteries can store excess energy for use later. With solar batteries, you can reduce or even eliminate your reliance on the grid and achieve true energy independence. Solar batteries make it possible to take control of your energy costs while also reducing your carbon footprint

Four steps to saving you money with a solar panels installer

A solar system contributes positively to the environment and allows you to save money!

Contact our team and request a Free quotation.


We will conduct a on-site solar survey


We handle the installation and commissioning of your solar system for you.


We finalise your installation by providing all the necessary paperwork, certifications and warranties so you can sell excess energy to the grid.


Why Choose Solar Gain For Your Solar Energy?

At SolarGain, customer satisfaction is paramount. As an MCS accredited and HIES solar panel installer, we uphold the highest standards and trading ethics. To begin, we gather information about your energy usage, home behaviours, and specific needs like EVs, hot tubs, underfloor heating, or electric space heating. Utilising cutting-edge digital software and Google tools, we create a personalised proposal for your property. If you prefer, we are more than willing to arrange an in-person visit to guide you through the process.


The Installation

If you choose to proceed with SolarGain as your solar panels installer, we will conduct a precise on-site survey to ensure smooth installation and minimal visibility of wiring. Safety is our top priority, so we will assess access requirements and comply with all necessary Health and Safety standards. Moreover, being a trusted MCS accredited company, we provide installation certificates and a DNO approval letter, enabling you to benefit from the SEG (Smart Export Guarantee) by selling excess electricity back to the grid.



This lies at the core of our pricing strategy. You will receive a clear, itemised breakdown of all proposed costs without any hidden extras. Furthermore, our proposals are shared via email, with a follow-up call to ensure you receive them and address any questions. For customers without email access, we will gladly provide physical copies by post. Additionally, at SolarGain, we understand that investing in solar is a significant decision. Therefore, our proposal delves into all aspects, empowering you to evaluate if it aligns with your expectations and offers a compelling return on investment.


What Our Clients Say About their SolarGain Experience

MCS approved Solar Panels Installer

We have taken a significant step towards ensuring quality of service and customer satisfaction by becoming an MCS Installer. We are committed to going the extra mile to ensure the best outcomes for our customers. Achieving MCS installer status demonstrates our team’s expertise and competence in working with renewable energy systems and that our work is aligned with the industry standards and regulations. SolarGain is doing its part in supporting the transition to net zero.

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Solar Energy FAQs

The savings on energy bills varies from household to household and also with the size of the system installed. As a matter of fact, you will always make more significant savings when you choose solar batteries as you can utilise the solar energy generated during the day at night.

Contrary to popular belief, solar panels don’t require full sun in order to produce energy! Even on cloudy days they are able operate at surprisingly high efficiency. Rain can even help their performance by cleaning off any dust or dirt that might otherwise block sunlight from reaching the panel’s surface.

According to Ofgem the average family in the UK consists of 2.4 people and uses, on average, 242 kWh of electricity per month – that’s approximately equivalent to 3 lightbulbs operating for 24 hours a day! To power their homes further they consume 1,000 kWh worth of gas each month which is equal to running an oven at full temperature non-stop over the same period. Add up all these figures throughout one year and it equates to around 12 megawatt hours (MWh) – enough energy to run 9 washing machines every single hour or charge 616 smartphones simultaneously!

Opting for an MCS accredited solar panel installer brings distinct advantages. MCS accreditation ensures expertise in solar installations, guaranteeing adherence to quality standards and industry best practices. This translates to a reliable and efficient installation process, potentially leading to higher energy output and system longevity. Additionally, choosing an MCS accredited installer often enables eligibility for government incentives and grants, making your transition to solar energy even more financially advantageous.

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