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SolarGain, is a trusted Taunton solar panels, solar battery and EV charger installation company. Our services extend throughout Somerset, Avon, Dorset, Devon, Cornwall and the South West of England. We are situated just outside of Taunton and provide a service for all properties from small bungalows to large farms. Our dependable solar panel installations have introduced numerous customers to the advantages of renewable energy. On average we install systems in 3 weeks for order where planning permission is not required.

We are GivEnergy Installers

If you are looking for a solar system for your Taunton home, SolarGain supplies and fits one of the most popular brands on the market: GivEnergy. As a local approved GivEnergy installer, we know and understand their products and can recommend the right one for you. We install everything from the GivEnergy Gen 3 inverter to the Givenergy 9.5 kWH battery and everything in between! Why not find out about the GivEnergy All in one installation cost?

We believe the comprehensive energy storage system from GivEnergy is an exceptional package. There are so many GivEnergy inverter and battery options that there truly is something for every household.

The monitoring system is second to none, offering full monitoring control, site-specific settings, and remote firmware upgrades. The system also works with Agile Octopus and Plunge Pricing to help save you more money.


Solar PanelS IN Taunton and Beyond!

We install solar panels and solar batteries in Taunton and across the South West of England. These are just some of the installations we have recently completed. They include 

Solar Panels in Taunton

As a local Taunton solar panel company, we care about our reputation. The most important thing for us is to understand what you are looking for and why you want to install solar panels.

We find out what you use your electricity for and what you aim to achieve. We will then help you decide on the right solar system setup that meets your needs.

We are a very different kind of solar panel company as we work for you and never pressure sell. In fact, once we have met you, we go away, evaluate the options, and then send them to you so you have time to read through, understand the offering, and make a decision in your own time. Call us on 01823 481065 or fill in our online form.

Battery Storage for your Taunton Solar System

Saving energy to use at a later time requires solar batteries Any excess energy that is not used is fed back to the grid. This means with solar batteries any unused energy generated during the day can be saved for when the sun goes down.

As part of our service, Phil, our Taunton energy expert, will aim to understand your energy usage requirements. He will then go away and send you the options for energy storage. Energy storage is not for everyone.

For those who choose batteries, it can mean a faster return on investment or give them the ability to choose when they feed energy back to the grid to increase savings. Contact us to find out how solar batteries may meet your needs.

EV Charger for your Solar System

If you are thinking of getting an Electric Vehicle or already have one then you can charge it with free solar energy. This is a GivEnergy EV charger and we also supply and fit different brands such as the Zappi.

EV chargers can be installed on the same day as your solar system or can be retrofitted. If you have an EV we would recommended solar batteries as part of your solar set-up. 

Find out more or book a no-obligation visit from Phil on 01823 481065.

Four steps to saving you money with a Taunton solar panels installer

SolarGain is among the premier providers and installers of solar panels and solar energy solutions in the South West region. Our services extend throughout Somerset, Avon, Dorset, Devon, and Cornwall. Situated in Taunton, we cater to towns and cities as well as remote villages, ensuring comprehensive coverage throughout the region. Our dependable and top-tier solar panel installations have introduced numerous customers to the advantages of renewable energy.

A solar system contributes positively to the environment and allows you to save money!

Contact our team and request a Free quotation.


We will conduct a no-obligation on-site solar survey.


We handle the installation and commissioning of your solar system for you.


We finalise your installation by providing all the necessary paperwork, certifications and warranties so you can sell excess energy to the grid.


Solar Return on Investment

SolarGain is here to support Taunton customers who are new to solar energy, assisting in optimising the way you power your property. The Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) scheme has been replaced by the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG). This scheme enables you to sell any surplus solar energy generated back to the grid, providing a financial benefit.

By selling excess solar energy to a licensed supplier, you can reduce your annual energy costs while maintaining control over your property’s energy consumption. To take advantage of the SEG, it’s essential to ensure your system is MCS certified, a service we provide as an MCS certified installer.

Whether you’re located in Taunton or further afield, SolarGain can help you unlock the numerous benefits of solar energy for your property. Contact us today for more information on our services or guidance on selecting the right system for your needs.


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Absolutely brillant from start to finish

We had four quotes from various companies and we chose solar gain due to there zero pressure sales, technical knowledge, competitive price and thorough quotation. With the added reassurance of the government backed quality scheme and installation insurance cover it was another feel good factor… read more.


Highly recommend SolarGain 100%

We had 17 Jinko 435w panels with Tigo Optimisers, GivEnergy 5Kw Hybrid Inverter and a GivEnergy 9.5kwh Battery installed in December 2023, and I can say that Phil and Vanessa covered all my questions and dealt with all the applications to enable this to happen, all with silky smooth efficiency. …read more.



We had solar-gain install our panels and batteries after lots of research. We found the salesperson Craig really knowledgeable, and the quotation with facts and figures was so well presented. No pressure whatsoever, and the project management and installation went as planned and expected. ..read more.


Highly Recommend

Excellent service from start to finish including communications. A no nonsense approach with an itemised quote. I’m sure that any post fit questions will be speedily dealt with. Thank you! . read more.



What a great team and nothing was too much trouble. From the consultation with the salesperson to the installation. everyone was so nice and completely professional. I knew immediately I didn’t need to shop around as first impressions count and with this company what you see is what you get…total quality and honesty….read more.


Highly recommend solar gain.

Just had our solar panels installed by solar gain. We couldn’t have wished for better service. we were kept up to date through out the process of applying to the grid for connection and the eventual installation. Read the rest of the review here.

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Solar Energy FAQs

The savings on energy bills varies from household to household and also with the size of the system installed. As a matter of fact, you will always make more significant savings when you choose solar batteries as you can utilise the solar energy generated during the day at night.

Contrary to popular belief, solar panels don’t require full sun in order to produce energy! Even on cloudy days they are able operate at surprisingly high efficiency. Rain can even help their performance by cleaning off any dust or dirt that might otherwise block sunlight from reaching the panel’s surface.

According to Ofgem the average family in the UK consists of 2.4 people and uses, on average, 242 kWh of electricity per month – that’s approximately equivalent to 3 lightbulbs operating for 24 hours a day! To power their homes further they consume 1,000 kWh worth of gas each month which is equal to running an oven at full temperature non-stop over the same period. Add up all these figures throughout one year and it equates to around 12 megawatt hours (MWh) – enough energy to run 9 washing machines every single hour or charge 616 smartphones simultaneously!

Opting for an MCS accredited solar panel installer brings distinct advantages. MCS accreditation ensures expertise in solar installations, guaranteeing adherence to quality standards and industry best practices. This translates to a reliable and efficient installation process, potentially leading to higher energy output and system longevity. Additionally, choosing an MCS accredited installer often enables eligibility for government incentives and grants, making your transition to solar energy even more financially advantageous.

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