How much do Solar Panels Cost?

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This blog will try and explain the many variables and options available, to make solar panel costs more  understandable. Solar has moved on since Solar Panels became widely available in the late-1990s.

The Cost of Solar Panels – The First Solar Panels

In 1995 Professor Sue Roaf wanted to power her home by solar energy and designed the Oxford Ecohouse. The roof of the house was integrated with 4kW solar array, each panel cost £18,000 and the aluminium support another £10,000! The payback was expected to take 66 years! Fast forward 27 years and the cost of Solar Panels has reduced significantly as it has become much more mainstream. The initial cost of Solar Panels may still appear to be high but when you factor in the high cost of energy and the lifetime savings that Solar and Green energy bring then the investment is well worth it.

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What Is The Cost Of Solar Panels In The UK?

The energy price cap is due to fall in April 2023 however bills are still set to rise by 20% as the government support that has been in place is being cut. Almost a million homes in the UK  already have solar panels and the price of them is now almost 70% less expensive than in the late 1990s so they are much more affordable.

How Many Solar Panels Does The Average House Need?

The main deciding factor in the solar panel system cost is how large the solar panel system needs to be. The more solar panels in the system, then the greater the capacity to generate energy. However, the initial installation cost will also be higher. The average house will need a 4kW solar PV system to meet all their energy needs although if an Electric Vehicle is added into the mix then the system will need to be large to accommodate the extra power requirements. At SolarGain we are finding that households with EVs opt for 5kW Solar PV systems.

What Factors Impact The Cost?

1. The Size Of The Solar Panel System

As described above the first factor that impacts on the cost of solar panels is the size of the solar panel system itself. As a rule of thumb, the larger the solar panel system the greater the cost of Solar PV system.

  • Property Size Affects How Many Solar Panels Are Needed: First and foremost the size of the property, the larger the property, the greater the energy requirement.
  • Roof Size Affects How Many Solar Panels Can Be Installed: The area of the roof is another factor that will affect the number of solar panels that can be installed, the orientation and the pitch of the roof as well as shading, need to be considered.
  • Location of the property: Where you live in the UK also is a consideration, the south of England gets more solar radiation than the north.
  • How much energy your home needs. Lastly how much energy is consumed by the house, whether there are any electric vehicles and also how much energy that needs to be generated. Its important to take all of these factors into consideration in order that the solar panel system is designed to meet all the energy needs of the household in order to help the move away from reliance on the National Grid.

2. Type of Solar PV

Several suppliers offer various types of solar panels, and their availability is increasing. Pricing variations exist among these suppliers. Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline panels represent popular choices. Polycrystalline panels are more affordable, while Monocrystalline panels excel in terms of efficiency. Mainstream companies have been actively developing solar panels, leading to an expanding market. An additional panel typically costs from £250. The cost fluctuates due to factors such as brand reputation and technological advancements.

3. The Number Of Solar PV Accessories

Solar Panel Systems have progressed over time and there have been new technological additions such as smart devices that monitor the system and PV accessories that can be added to the system as extras. All the additions will undoubtedly add to the cost and also the time taken to install the system however the inclusion of them can also help you optimise your system and this can result in greater savings.

What Accessories Can Be Added To A Solar Panel System?

Are you considering getting an Electric Vehicle? Solar Panel Systems commonly include an EV Charger. More households switch to Electric Vehicles and request an EV Charger with their Solar Power System. Assess the need for one in the future. Even without immediate plans for an Electric Vehicle, investing in an EV Charger is valuable. It adds convenience and enhances property sustainability. An EV Charger complements the shift towards greener energy consumption. It’s a forward-thinking decision with long-term benefits. Embrace the potential of Electric Vehicles and the advantages of an integrated EV Charger in your Solar Power System.

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Do You Use Most Of Your Energy During The Day?

If you aren’t at home during the day then a really important accessory to the solar power system will be the addition of batteries so that you can take advantage of the energy produced instead of relying on the National Grid. The return on your investment is faster with batteries as part of the solar PV system. Accessories increase the cost of a solar panel system however if you consider the value they add and the savings they will result in then its worth considering them. Think about how you use your energy and how you plan to use your energy when deciding on the accessories to include in the solar power system.

The Solar Panel System Installation

Installing solar panels on your property: How easy is it? The ease of installation varies depending on the uniqueness of each home. Flat roof installations are generally more straightforward, but they require ballast and solar tubs to secure panels during inclement weather. Steep, high roofs might necessitate scaffolding, thereby increasing costs. The placement of inverters or batteries in relation to the solar panels can also impact installation expenses. When the box is located farther away, more cables are needed. The same principle applies to the installation of an EV charger.

Do Batteries Affect The Cost Of Solar PV System?

When it comes to installing solar panels on your property, the ease of the process varies. Each home is unique, so the installation may differ from property to property. Flat roof installations, for instance, are generally more straightforward. However, they still require the use of ballast and solar tubs to secure the panels during adverse weather conditions. On the other hand, steep and high roofs may necessitate the use of scaffolding, which can increase the overall cost of installation. Additionally, the location of the inverter or batteries in relation to the solar panels can also impact the installation cost. The further the box is placed, the more cable is required. This same principle applies to the installation of an EV charger.

Are Solar Panels Worth The Investment?

When you consider the increasing energy costs and the government incentives that are currently available then despite the initial cost of solar panels the return on investment over time makes it worthwhile. It is difficult to say how long it will take for solar panels to pay for themselves as it depends on a number of factors such as how many solar panels there are in the solar panel system, whether there are batteries, the export tariff and the cost of energy. SolarGain estimate that it will take between 8 and 10 years for a system to pay for itself. 

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