Volatility of energy prices and what homeowners can do about it?

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What Can Homeowners Do About The Volatility Of Energy Prices? If you are a homeowner who is looking to save money on energy costs and live more sustainably, then understanding the volatile nature of energy prices is important. With the volatility of energy prices, it has become increasingly popular for homeowners to invest in solar panel […]

Common Solar Panel Myths and Misconceptions


Solar PV is a well-established technology in the United Kingdom. You may be surprised to read that a significant number of solar panel myths persist. Let’s identify and debunk these solar myths and set out the facts, and in doing so, answer lots of questions. Questions We Have Been Asked Solar PV is a well-established […]

Why it is important to Pigeon Proof solar panels

Skirting on a solar panel

Solar panels are the go-to product for families and businesses who want to reduce their energy bills and help make the environment cleaner through also reducing their carbon footprint.  However, they can attract our feathered friends who can cause issues, therefore pigeon proofing your solar panels is important. Solar panels protect birds and other creates from […]

How much do Solar Panels Cost?

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This blog will try and explain the many variables and options available, to make solar panel costs more  understandable. Solar has moved on since Solar Panels became widely available in the late-1990s. The Cost of Solar Panels – The First Solar Panels In 1995 Professor Sue Roaf wanted to power her home by solar energy […]

What is a Solar Inverter and how do they work?

What is a solar inverter and how do they work

A solar inverter is an essential component part of the solar panel system. Its job is to convert the direct current, also known as DC, into alternating current, or AC. The Direct Current is electricity that is maintained at a constant voltage in one direction. With AC the current flows in both directions as the voltage changes […]