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JA High Performance Solar Panels 

About JA Solar Panels

JA Solar has been manufacturing high-performance photovoltaic panels since 2005. They are experts in their field and produce panels for the domestic and commercial markets. JA Panels feature unrivalled cell efficiency and reliability, therefore, maximising the return on your Solar Panel System investment. They are a global solar brand with installations all around the world.

What are their specifications?

SolarGain only works with the best manufacturers, so we have selected to supply JA Solar Panels. The half-cell configuration of JA Panel modules offers the following benefits:

  • high power output,
  • better temperature-dependent performance
  • reduced shading effect on the energy generation
  • lower risk of hot spots
  • enhanced tolerance for mechanical loading
Jinko Solar Panels

What are the benefits of solar panels by JA Solar


Lower LCOE

The LCOE is about how much bang you get for your buck. The lower the LCOE, the better value of the product and JA Solar Panels have a lower LCOE.

Quality Solar Panels

Exceptionally durable against extreme environmental conditions



Money Saving

The panels have a high output, producing more energy to meet your household energy needs, thus saving you money on your energy bills.

Long Warranties

They will keep you happy for many years to come, their 12-year panel warranty and 25-year linear output warranty underline their product quality.


Download the JA Solar Panels Product Sheet

JA Solar Panels Superior Warranty

Durable Products JA Solar Products

These panels work excellently with both Growatt Inverters and Sofar Inverters alike. Similarly, the Growatt Batteries and Pylontech Batteries are a good quality match to these panels. To request your free Solar Panel Survey or learn more about them, please complete our form or contact us at 0800 001 6258.

Premium products at competitive prices

The panels are made of monocrystalline materials, enabling them to efficiently conduct and convert solar energy into electricity upon contact with sunlight. They represent an excellent choice for those entering the solar market. They deliver above-average efficiency at a competitive price point, making them a compelling option. The company boasts a strong reputation. JA Solar positions itself as a premium product but has successfully reduced costs as it has expanded, indicating a promising trajectory for the brand in the future.

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