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The company behind the Puredrive Battery

If you’re searching for a battery storage system manufactured in Britain to enhance your solar panel setup, Puredrive is the ideal choice. With over a decade of expertise in battery development and technology, Puredrive Energy stands at the forefront of British-made energy storage systems.

Puredrive offers both AC and DC-coupled battery solutions, making them a suitable addition to both new and existing solar panel installations. With module options perfectly sized at 10kWh and 5kWh, these batteries can be installed indoors or outdoors, with a temperature operating range spanning from -20 to 45C. The PureStorage II battery is compatible with some of the best hybrid inverters on the market, such as Solis.

For UK homeowners keen on diminishing their reliance on the grid and significantly reducing energy bills, contact our SolarGain installation team at 0800 001 6258 for a quote. 

Manage your energy and maximise your savings

With Puredrive you can make the most of low cost or free energy tariffs by setting your battery to charge from the grid when the tariffs are of greatest benefit to you. 

The system integrates with all time-of-use tariffs currently available.

Charge your car with the cheapest energy

With this versatile battery you can choose where to charge your car from. This can be directly from your panels, from your battery or directly from the grid. So you use the cheapest energy all the time.


Future Proofed Solar Batteries

Manufactured right here in the UK, Puredrive uses the most recent advancements in Lithium-Ion battery technology. It’s products enable homeowners to maximise both their solar energy use and cost savings. The batteries incorporate LiFePO4 chemistry, ensuring the safest lithium composition and the lengthiest lifespan for these solar-powered units.

Puredrive batteries integrate state-of-the-art smart battery technology, offering homeowners absolute energy independence. This not only aids in reducing dependence on imported energy but also ensures energy security in the face of grid failures.

In the event of power outages, PureStorage provides the flexibility to power essential circuits using stored renewable energy. Homeowners can decide what is most important to them to power e.g. lights, fridges, or the internet. This is especially beneficial for residents in remote locations prone to frequent blackouts.

If you’re a homeowner in the South West of England intrigued by the prospect of installing a British made Puredrive battery storage system or a comprehensive solar PV system contact us today. 

Why Puredrive Batteries ?

Maximised Solar Usage

By harnessing the latest Lithium-Ion battery technology, the Puredrive Battery allows homeowners to optimise their use of solar energy. This leads to increased self-sufficiency and reduced reliance on national grid power.

Safety and Longevity

The batteries employ LiFePO4 chemistry, known for its safety features and extended lifespan. This not only enhances the overall safety of the energy storage system but also ensures long-term reliability and durability.

Smart Battery Technology

Puredrive batteries use the latest in smart battery technology, providing homeowners with a high level of control and efficiency. This technology contributes to complete energy independence, enabling users to manage and monitor their energy consumption effectively.

Reduced Grid Dependence

The incorporation of smart battery technology helps homeowners decrease their reliance on imported energy. This reduction in dependence on external power sources contributes to greater energy autonomy and potentially lower energy bills.

Puredrive battery front

Why consider a Puredrive Solar Battery?

British Made

Proudly British, Puredrive is a home-grown success story, manufacturing the PureStorage II battery in the UK to ensure quality and reliability. With a British design, they possess a better understanding of the climate, enabling them to help maximize your savings.

Energy Security

Puredrive Battery systems offer energy security during grid failures. In the event of a power outage, the PureStorage feature allows homeowners to power essential circuits using stored renewable energy, ensuring critical appliances and services remain operational.

Powering Critical Circuits

During power cuts, Puredrive's PureStorage system allows users to selectively power critical circuits, for example, lights, freezer etc or indeed whatever you decide is most important for your household.


Puredrive's commitment to sustainable energy solutions contributes to environmental conservation by promoting the use of renewable energy sources and reducing carbon footprints.

The PureStorage II Battery 5kWh

The PureStorage II Battery 5kWh utilises lithium-iron-phosphate battery cells known for their safety and exceptional performance. Operating at 1C, it boasts an impressive 10,000 cycles and a remarkable charge and discharge rate capability. Compatibility is ensured with leading inverters in the market. It has been hailed as the premier hybrid solution, especially when paired with a Solis inverter. The battery features a modular design, allowing connection of up to 5 units of 5kWh batteries, offering capacity flexibility ranging from 5kWh to 25kWh. It’s IP65 waterproof rating, means that it is suitable for installation indoors or outdoors. Puredrive have put a lot of thought into the design and it is quick to install whilst looking sleek and modern. 

PureStorage II Battery 5kWh
PureStorage II Battery 5kWh
Indoor/Outdoor Both
Dimensons (w x h x d) 386.40 x 737 x 150.30
Weight 59Kg
Software Updates Free
Ongoing Technical Support Yes
Capacity 5kWh
Battery Technology LiFePO4 51.2V 100Ah

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Frequently Asked Questions About Puredrive Batteries

Puredrive Batteries stand out due to their use of the latest Lithium-Ion battery technology, incorporating LiFePO4 chemistry for enhanced safety and extended lifespan. The integration of smart battery technology further sets them apart, providing homeowners with complete energy independence and control

Puredrive Batteries, specifically the PureStorage II, offer a unique solution during grid failures. With the ability to power critical circuits using stored renewable energy, homeowners can ensure continuous operation of essential appliances like lights, refrigerators, or internet connectivity, providing a reliable source of energy security during power cuts.

Yes, Puredrive Batteries feature a modular design that allows for the connection of multiple units. For example, the PureStorage II 5kWh battery can be easily connected to create a higher capacity system, providing flexibility ranging from 5kWh to 25kWh. This adaptability allows homeowners to customize their energy storage capacity according to their specific requirements.

Puredrive Batteries, including the PureStorage II 5kWh, are compatible with leading inverters on the market, such as Solis.

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