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Pylontech Batteries, scalable to meet your household’s energy needs

Pylontech Batteries US3000C

Pylontech Battery Energy Storage System

Pylontech Energy Storage Batteries are at the forefront of  Solar battery design. The company has combined its electrochemistry and system integration expertise to produce some of the best solar energy storage batteries on the market today. 

At SolarGain, we offer this brand to our customers as one of our battery options for their Solar Panel Installation System.

Solar Energy Shaving

The peak times for energy demand are in the morning and early evening. However, solar energy is at its peak performance in the middle of the day.

Using Pylontech solar batteries as your energy storage system will balance out the supply of energy and feed demand as it increases (solar energy shaving), reducing reliance on the National Grid energy supply and consequently reducing household energy bills.

Solar Energy Peak Shaving Diagram

What are the benefits of Pylontech Batteries?


Money Saving

Balance out energy demand and therefore save you money on your energy bills by supplying the energy when you need it, thus reducing reliance on the National grid.


Enable you to expand your energy storage as your needs change. For example: if you increase the number of panels in your array, add an EV charger or extend your property.




Stackable Pylontech batteries don' take up much space and can be easily fitted into smaller spaces than other brands.

Retrofitting Pylontech Batteries

If you don’t have Solar Batteries, why not get them retrofitted? Retrofitting Pylontech batteries to a home solar system has several advantages. Firstly, it grants energy independence by storing excess solar power for use at night or during outages, ensuring continuous power supply. Secondly, it offers economic benefits through load shifting, using stored solar energy during peak demand to reduce reliance on expensive grid electricity. Lastly, integrating batteries maximizes clean, renewable energy use, reducing dependence on fossil fuels. They can be installed in a day, leading to immediate energy bill savings. Choose a sustainable energy future with battery retrofitting.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions About Pylontech Batteries

Pylontech is at the cutting edge of energy storage. The company has supplied over 500,000 households globally and is recognised as providing reliable and robust energy storage solutions.

Not very much, as they are relatively small  and compact batteries and therefore designed to be installed in small spaces such as your loft space. If you select the US3000C model batteries as part of your installation, these will fit nicely in the corner of your loft space. Because of their small size, you can add more capacity if your needs grow

They are designed to last 6,000 complete cycles. If you factor in a cycle per day and an approved MCS installer carries out the installation, this equates to about 15 years.

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