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Exterior Growatt Solar Batteries

About Solar Batteries

Using Solar Panels saves you money but being able to store the energy consequently saves you even more! Installing a Solar Panel battery or two or more means you can use the power generated by your Solar Panels and store it for use at night. Consequently, this means that instead of using energy from the National Grid, you can use your own and therefore save more money.

Safe, reliable and long-lasting Solar Energy Storage

Solar Power has come a long way over the last ten years. Some households have existing solar panels on their property that they had installed in the past or perhaps inherited when they moved into the property. SolarGain can retrofit energy storage batteries to these systems in less than a day, therefore saving homeowners money. SolarGain can also upgrade the current solar energy storage with additional batteries to increase the energy stored, which can subsequently be used when the sun has gone down.

Interior Solar Batteries

How many batteries can I have?

How many you can have depends on a few things like how much energy you use, the space available, your budget, and the capacity of each battery. There's no strict limit on the number of batteries, but you have to consider practical stuff. Here are some important things to think about:

1. Energy Needs:
Figure out how much energy you use to know how many batteries you need to meet your needs.
2. Battery Capacity:
Each battery has a specific capacity, which tells you how much energy it can store. Divide your total energy needs by the capacity of each battery to find out how many you need.
3. Available Space:
Make sure you have enough space to put the batteries. They can be big and need good ventilation and clearance for safety.
4. Budget:
They can be expensive, so your budget will affect how many you can get.
5. System Compatibility:
Check that your solar panel system and inverters can handle the batteries you want to install.
6. Future Expansion:
Think about your future energy needs. You might want to leave room to add more batteries later.

What are the benefits of Solar Batteries?


Long Life Batteries

Long-lasting with a lifetime of 6,000 cycles usage.

Fast Installation

All our solar batteries come with a 10-year warranty for peace of mind.



Money Saving

Reduced reliance on the National Grid means energy bill savings.

Battery Monitoring

A choice of monitoring systems to track energy usage.


A Hybrid solar inverter set up with solar Batteries

What a difference Solar Batteries make!

This is an example of a Solar Power set-up with Batteries. They hold on to the extra energy generated during the day until it is needed when the sun goes down, reducing the household’s reliance on power from the National Grid. This Solar Power set-up with Batteries is a smart and sustainable solution for uninterrupted energy supply. By storing excess energy during the day, it ensures a steady power source even during nighttime or cloudy days, further promoting eco-friendly and cost-effective practices.

Solar Battery options

We offer an extensive range of batteries from renowned manufacturers like Growatt, Pylontech, Sunsynk, and more. Selecting the right battery type and size will be determined by your household’s or business energy consumption requirements and the specific inverter you opt for in your solar setup. Our expert team will guide you through the selection process, ensuring you get a tailored and efficient solution that perfectly matches your energy needs. With the right combination of batteries and inverters, you can maximise your solar energy utilization and minimise reliance on the conventional power grid.

Different brands of Solar Batteries

Which batteries can be installed outside?

Most are made to go outside and handle different weather. But make sure to check the manufacturer’s info to be sure they are okay for outdoor use. Most people prefer lithium-ion batteries for outdoor solar setups because they last long and can handle different temperatures. Before putting any solar batteries outside, make sure they are shielded from direct sunlight and bad weather like heavy rain, snow, or extreme heat. You might need a special enclosure or a storage solution made for outdoors to protect them.

Are solar batteries worth the investment?

This really depends on various factors and circumstances. Considerations include energy needs, energy independence, savings on electricity bills, environmental impact, battery technology, and future energy requirements. Moreover, they align with eco-friendly practices and have become more affordable due to advancements in battery technology. Anticipating future energy consumption or rising electricity prices can make battery investment strategic. Therefore, before deciding, conduct a thorough financial analysis and consult with experts like SolarGain to tailor a system to meet all your household needs.

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