About SolaX Power

SolaX produces some of the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing solar products. SolarGain are certified SolaX installers and and such we are approved to install all of SolaX’s product range. This includes the Solax Batteries Storage Solutions and Inverters. SolaX is a relatively new business, founded in 2010. In a very sort time it has become a world renowned business and has offices around the globe in Australia, the US, Germany, the Netherlands and, of course, the UK too. SolaX Power is front and centre when it comes to the solar energy revolution and is fully committed to changing the way we generate and use our energy. Find out how a SolaX Battery and Inverter system can save you money with a Free Solar Assessment from SolarGain.

Solax Inverters

The SolaX Energy Storage Inverter efficiently integrates with various setups, ensuring exceptional compatibility. It supports retrofit installations, allowing for easy incorporation into existing systems. These versatile inverters provide a comprehensive range of solutions, including parallel operation, integration with heat pumps, connectivity to microgrids, compatibility with EV chargers, support for generators, and application in VPP.

Whether you’re looking at an AC coupled inverter, a hybrid, three-phase, or single-phase solution, SolaX offers a diverse range of inverters to effectively manage your solar energy. Some SolaX inverters are equipped with built-in storage and Emergency Power Supply functionality, enabling users to continue to use stored energy during power outages.

Solax Battery Storage Systems

Solax Power Battery Storage represents a state-of-the-art solution in the field of energy management. Engineered to enhance self-sufficiency and decrease dependence on the grid, Solax Power Battery Storage seamlessly integrates with solar systems, enabling users to store surplus energy generated during peak sunlight hours. This stored energy can then be efficiently utilised during periods of low solar output or power outages, ensuring a reliable and uninterrupted power supply. Solax Power’s battery storage systems come in various capacities to suit diverse energy needs, providing users with the flexibility to tailor their energy storage solutions. With advanced technology and a commitment to sustainability, Solax Power Battery Storage stands at the forefront of empowering individuals and businesses to harness and optimise renewable energy for a greener and more resilient future.

The benefits of SolaX Triple Power Battery

Flexibility in Application: Nominal Voltage Capacities and Scalable Design

With substantial nominal voltage capacities suitable for both low and high voltage installations, Solax batteries offer unparalleled flexibility. The modular and scalable design, featuring nominal capacities of 6.3kWh, 5.8kWh, and 4.5kWh, can be scaled up to four times, reaching an impressive 25.2kWh with the 5.8kWh variant.

Outdoor Resilience: IP55 Rating and Compact Design

Designed with an IP55 rating, Solax batteries are suitable for outdoor installation, with advisable protection against adverse weather conditions. The compact design not only optimises space efficiency but also seamlessly integrates with various interior and exterior aesthetics.

Temperature Tolerance: Operating in Challenging Conditions

Capable of operating in temperatures up to 55 degrees Celsius, Solax batteries ensure reliability even in challenging environmental conditions. Equipped with Battery Management Systems (BMS), they support scaling while prioritising safety in the event of battery failure.

Cutting-Edge Collaboration: NMC Cells and LG Chem

The Solax Triple Power Battery boasts a collaboration with LG Chem, employing cutting-edge NMC cells widely favoured in electric car manufacturing. This partnership ensures the batteries meet the safety and durability standards synonymous with the automotive sector.

Innovative Design: The Polymer 'Pouch' Flat Laminated Battery (PH3)

Distinguished by the unique Polymer ‘pouch’ flat laminated battery design (PH3), Solax batteries achieve exceptional energy density, reliability, and safety. This design minimises the risk of failure while ensuring an even distribution of heat across the cell area.

Performance Prowess: Depth of Discharge and Cycle Longevity

Offering a Depth of Discharge (DoD) of 90% and more than 6,000 cycles, Solax batteries stand as a robust competitor in terms of performance. Remarkably, they remain maintenance-free throughout their lifespan, alleviating concerns about regular checks and associated costs.

User-Friendly Monitoring: Web and Smartphone App Accessibility

For user convenience, Solax Triple Power Batteries can be easily monitored through a web app or smartphone app. This feature provides real-time access to data on current charge, historical charging information, and customisable charging preferences, offering users comprehensive control and insights.

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