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About Sunsynk

Sunsynk produce a diverse array of state-of-the-art products that incorporate solar technology into daily life. At the core of their offerings are advanced solar inverters, designed to efficiently convert solar energy into usable electricity for homes, and businesses. These inverters feature smart grid compatibility, real-time monitoring, and smooth integration with energy storage systems. The company also leads the way in energy storage solutions, offering lithium-ion batteries that allow users to store surplus solar energy for use during periods of low sunlight.  For more information about Sunsynk products, contact SolarGain today.

sunsynk inverter

SunSynk Inverters

The Sunsynk 3.6kW Hybrid inverter is a top-tier solar technology solution, perfect for homes and businesses. With a robust 3.6-kilowatt capacity, it effortlessly blends solar power, battery storage, and the grid for maximum energy efficiency. Notable features include smart grid compatibility and real-time monitoring, ensuring effective energy management. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for consumers to control their energy consumption. Overall, this inverter showcases Sunsynk’s dedication to sustainable energy, playing a role in creating a cleaner and greener future.

The benefits of Sunsunk Solar Products

Reliable Energy Storage

Sunsynk batteries provide a dependable and consistent source of stored energy, ensuring a reliable power supply even during grid outages or low sunlight periods.

Seamless Integration

Their inverters and batteries are designed to seamlessly integrate with each other, creating an optimised and efficient renewable energy system for homes and businesses.

User-Friendly Interface

All their products come with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for consumers to monitor and control their energy consumption. This promotes greater user engagement and understanding.

Smart Grid Compatibility

Sunsynk inverters are equipped with smart grid compatibility, allowing for efficient interaction with the electrical grid and enabling users to take advantage of smart grid features.

IP65 Rating for Durability

The IP65 rating on Sunsynk batteries ensures a high level of protection against dust and water ingress, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations and enhancing their durability.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The products incorporate cutting-edge technologies, such as real-time monitoring and hybrid capabilities, ensuring that users have access to the latest advancements in renewable energy solutions

Environmentally Friendly

By harnessing solar power and promoting energy efficiency, the products contribute to a reduction in carbon footprint, aligning with environmental sustainability goals.

Versatility in Applications

Sunsynk batteries and inverters cater to a diverse range of applications, from residential to commercial settings, providing versatile solutions to meet varying energy storage and consumption needs.

IP65 Sunsynk Battery

Solar Energy Storage

The Sunsynk IP65 Battery stands out as a robust energy storage solution, built to endure different environmental conditions with its strong IP65 rating. This battery is a key part of Sunsynk’s commitment to dependable and efficient energy storage. Its IP65 rating ensures high protection against dust and water, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. Prioritizing durability, the Sunsynk IP65 Battery guarantees long-lasting and consistent performance, offering users a reliable source of stored energy. Its compatibility with Sunsynk inverters and solar systems allows for a smooth integration, creating an optimised and trustworthy renewable energy setup. In the era of increasing focus on sustainable energy solutions, the Sunsynk IP65 Battery emerges as a resilient and reliable choice for effective energy storage in diverse environments.

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