How are Solar Panels Fixed to the Roof?

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If you are thinking about getting solar panels, something you may be asking is how are solar panels fixed to the roof? The process involves a careful selection of roof attachment types, mounting systems, flashing, and waterproofing techniques, racking and framing solutions, as well as fastening methods and hardware. However, there’s more to it than […]

How many solar panels can I fit on my roof?

Image shows how many solar panels can fit on the roof of a home

When considering the installation of solar panels on a roof, one of the crucial questions that arises is how many panels can fit. The answer to this question depends on numerous factors. The size and orientation of the roof, as well as any obstructions such as chimneys or skylights must be looked at. Shading is […]

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Solar Panels?

Pros and Cons of Solar Panels

Solar panels offer a number and pros and cons to the growing concerns of climate change and rising energy costs. These innovative devices harness the power of the sun to generate electricity, providing a renewable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional energy sources. With their numerous advantages, it’s no wonder that solar panels have gained […]

Solar Panels – Are They Worth It?

another Large solar panel on red roof

We are continually told that solar panels save us money on our energy bills and that they can earn us money too. Solar Panels are a popular option for those who want to cut costs while producing eco-friendly energy. But it is important to understand if the calculations really make it worth your while. The blog will […]

Volatility of energy prices and what homeowners can do about it?

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What Can Homeowners Do About The Volatility Of Energy Prices? If you are a homeowner who is looking to save money on energy costs and live more sustainably, then understanding the volatile nature of energy prices is important. With the volatility of energy prices, it has become increasingly popular for homeowners to invest in solar panel […]

How much do Solar Panels Cost?

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This blog will try and explain the many variables and options available, to make solar panel costs more  understandable. Solar has moved on since Solar Panels became widely available in the late-1990s. The Cost of Solar Panels – The First Solar Panels In 1995 Professor Sue Roaf wanted to power her home by solar energy […]